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Gemini (Part 1&2) is Benjamin Corson’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Benjamin Corson in the past but this artist is back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

Gemini (Part 1&2) is Benjamin Corson’s Single Out Now

What beautiful songs and what a talent.

I was hooked by Gemini (Part 1&2) already from the first “Who Am I?” A vocal melody in that precise passage manages to bring together Arabic atmospheres with grunge… Brilliant!

For some reason this song made me feel like the Prince of Persia.

In the verses, there are evident “Ledzeppelian” influences that add even more charm to this rock song that has instantly become one of my favorites of 2023.

And when you think you are already in a musical paradise here begins part two of these intense 10 minutes of music.

An angelic, delicate, and sensual voice interrupts the rock energy of the first part followed by a solo a la Mark Knopfler that leads us to an avant-garde bridge that launches a “PinkFloydian” grand finale.

I was blown away by Gemini (Part 1&2), this is a masterpiece.

Chapeau to all who have participated in creating this wonderful music and of course to the artistic genius of Benjamin Corson.

Gemini (Part 1&2) is Benjamin Corson’s Single Out Now!


Gemini (Part 1&2) is Benjamin Corson’s Single Out Now

It s about the duality of life. Gemini. Two faces of the song, hence the 2 parts, one very agressive, one more mellow and aerial.

Tim Pitchford writes lyrics to my music, I give him very few quotes or ideas and he always writes and perform at an amazing level. He lives in Australia, and we never met but our connection is something that I am so grateful for. We inspire each other a lot. For this song, I asked my friends’ musicians to really perform and “let it go”… The thing I might be the proudest is that it feels like this song has been played in the studio altogether, it s alive and there is an urge and passion to it when in reality, we all recorded our parts separately. I know my friends are always gonna deliver what I have in mind and it s a beautiful thing.

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