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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – George Wilks & Yellowlees

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to George Wilks & Yellowlees, I discovered these artists on Spotify and I liked their collaborative effort to produce a great piece of music.

A beautiful collaboration between George Wilks & Yellowlees. Two music genres that come together in perfect harmony.

The folk-pop vibes of the Yellowlees join the jazz sounds of George Wilks.

These artists look for refined melodies, never banal and propose an elegant sound. Some melodic variations even reminded me of the Beatles.

The vocal duet allows us to enter even more into the world told by these two artists.

The production of the song is perfect for the genre.

Essential but precise, few instruments that find the right space creating a perfect balance.

A fragile but solid song at the same time that shows how collaborations can give birth to unexpected things simply by letting us be guided by the magic of music.

On The City Walls is George Wilks & Yellowlees’ Single Out Now!

Elegant music!


‘On The City Walls’ is the new collaborative single from UK singer-songwriters George Wilks & Yellowlees. The song is an entirely co-written, co-performed and co-produced duet; having already received airplay and support from BBC Introducing, it showcases two emerging artists coming together to create something truly special.

It’s a song full of evocative lyrics and catchy melodies, while still managing to be a stirring, soulful heartstring-tugger, as the respective influences of each artist blend together beautifully.

Yellowlees’ indie-folk-pop-tinged hooks match perfectly with Wilks’ jazzy, piano-driven style to produce a song of real substance, featuring lovely vocal harmonies and interplay between the two performers. This duet comes hot on the heels of a string of successful singles releases for both artists; Yellowlees & George Wilks are bound to break through in a big way very soon indeed. This collaboration will only speed that up!

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