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Glad To Exist is Monroe Moon’s Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Monroe Moon in the past but this Duo is back with a new single and I want to share my opinion about it.

Glad To Exist is Monroe Moon’s Single | Indie Music

This new single from this talented duo is very intriguing.

In some moments the melody of this song reminded me of the Pet Shop Boys. A magical atmosphere that manages to make you fly with your imagination.

While I was listening to Glad To Exist I closed my eyes and I saw myself driving a convertible one of those days when you want to be alone with yourself and you want to wander the world without a precise destination in mind.

A song that inspires oneiric thoughts and that is able to speak directly to your subconscious and soul.

Monroe Moon creates quality music not only at the musical level but also with lyrics that try to investigate very deep and interesting philosophical topics.

Absolutely reconfirmed.

Glad To Exist is Monroe Moon’s Single Out Now!

Deep and Mature!

Glad To Exist is Monroe Moon’s Single | Indie Music

Glad To Exist was the song that going around my head after a meditation turned dream. I was practicing a visual meditation where I was walking down a busy city street and upon passing an individual I would look at their face and repeat to myself ” I am you. You are me. I love you.” Sometime into this mediation I fell into a dream, and fell into a void in the street I was walking, into the dark ocean where I fell down until I came up the other side inside a half submerged giant lotus. When I woke up I wrote the song that was waiting for me.

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