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Green Acres Motel is Gunslingers’ Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature band is Gunslingers and their Ep Green Acres Motel.

Green Acres Motel is Gunslingers’ Ep Out Now

The first thing that struck me about this musical project is the beautiful voice of Lou Heneise.

An ethereal and mysterious vocal timbre that seems to hide a secret. Lou is also Gunslingers’ main architect. Her compositional skills are out of the ordinary.

You immediately realize that you are dealing with musicians with a great deal of experience behind them. The naturalness with which they play and the innate ability to touch the listener’s heart is a very rare talent.

Gunslingers create intense and sincere music that is able to trigger deep emotions.

Green Acres Motel’s songs are beautiful, I closed my eyes while listening to these beautiful tunes. I imagined myself traveling in a convertible through the endless American roads… the wind in my hair made me feel free.

I recommend everyone to go and listen to this band. You will experience an intense moment of music.

Green Acres Motel is Gunslingers’ Ep Out Now!

Sincere and Nostalgic!

Green Acres Motel is Gunslingers’ Ep Out Now

Lou Heneise – vocals, songwriting, guitar, banjo, fiddle, percussion, John Swan III – harmonies, banjo, percussion, trumpet Michael Vasquez – Mandolin Jon Howard – Fiddle

Gunslingers grew out of Lou Heneise solo music. “As I started playing and touring, I met so many remarkable artists. One by one I asked them to throw instruments onto my songs. Before too long it didn’t feel right to call them Lou Heneise songs any more, and so Gunslingers was born.

Lou Heneise is an American singer, songwriter with roots in the city of Chicago, the rolling farmland of the midwest, and the Bible Belt of the South. All of which can be heard influencing her Electro-Acoustic-Folk-Americana EP Trial & Error

Her debut EP, Trial & Error is delicate, charming, vulnerable, and honest, merging the haunting delivery of Lou’s live show with the driving force of full instrumentation.

Trial & Error is as introspective and earnest as it is catchy. Lou has captured the American heartbeat in this collection of songs.

Lou currently spends her days with her tender and wild toddler, making music, reading books and contemplating the meaning of life with her fellow artists, activists, philosophers, and poets.

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