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Green Fires is Nobody’s Wolf Child’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Nobody’s Wolf Child in the past but this talented artist is back with a new single Green Fires and I want to share my opinion about it.

Green Fires is Nobody’s Wolf Child’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

I was again magically impressed by the music of this artist.

The fantasy atmospheres created by these melodies always manage to fill my head with wonderful images.

Epic sceneries painted in bright colors. Nobody’s Wolf Child’s music has the ability to stimulate your pineal gland and open your third eye.

The reality that surrounds us can change depending on how we look at it. Green Fires manages to make you see reality in a different way and for a moment you forget about everyday problems. You are literally transported to a magical parallel universe.

This artist makes you live an experience and she is able to amaze the listener with the quality of her music.

I am a fan of Nobody’s Wolf Child, her music speaks directly to my heart and her voice warms my soul.

Green Fires is Nobody’s Wolf Child’s Single Out Now!


Green Fires is Nobody’s Wolf Child’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Nobody’s Wolf Child releases “Green Fires” with Nobody’s Records. This record marks the beginning of a trilogy of works. As with all previous records, there will be a visual counterpart showing the Wolf Child in her new guise. This record itself stays true to form with lavish vocal arrangements, hypnotic drums and bass but there is something edgier as the primal elements lurking in the shadows begin to come closer to the light.

After retreating into the forest and running from the world, the Wolf Child has discovered her pack, within that finding her inner strength. Her relationship with humanity has disintegrated and, in her rage, and disappointment, she seeks to forge a deeper connection with the ‘unhuman’.

“Green Fires” is the beginning of this journey and starts relatively mellow with a slow trip hop groove, acoustic guitar and the Wolf Child’s signature vocal arrangements. But the chorus hits with distorted strings weaving into the song along with the deep, distorted bass as the primal elements within and without the wolf child, bringing the first signs of a change. The still ethereal vocals like tendrils of new growth, rise above the destructive forces and take over the decay left behind. This record introduces a darker writing style, that progresses with the other tracks in the trilogy, indicative of her evolving perception and a more dominant spirit.

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