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Hagendorf, Worden, Felder The Valkyries of Rock

If you have ever wondered who is behind the music you listen to every day, you should know these three fantastic women.
Allison Hagendorf, Lisa Worden, Nora Felder hold the keys to the sacred fire of rock.

Hagendorf, Worden, Felder The Valkyries of Rock

If you thought rock was a male-only business, well you were wrong!

Hagendorf, Worden, Felder The Valkyries of Rock

In today’s music business, women hold many of the most important positions. Their decisions can influence musical global trends and make us discover new artists and songs.

Obviously, there are many more women who work in the music world and have great careers. But I think these three women can represent the whole movement in an excellent way.

Before being business women they are mothers and are able to pursue their careers parallel to family life.

Voluntatem et Potentiam

The rock spirit that flows in their veins allows them to face any difficulty just like the Valkyries.

But who are these intriguing women?

Allison Hagendorf is very eclectic. In addition to devoting herself to music, she is also a TV host, fitness instructor, and influencer. This woman is absolutely unstoppable, a force of nature.
She has been head of Rock at Spotify for years and she has made us discover many fantastic artists and music. In this video we see her interviewing Chris Cornell.

Lisa Worden is Vice President of the Rock section of iHeartMedia and Program Director, ALT 98.7. In 2022 was elected as International Music Person of the Year at the Musexpo for having contributed to the success of bands such as Cold Play, Foo Fighters, Florence + The Machine, and many others.

In this video, Lisa chats with Steve Rennie (Renman) manager of Incubus.

Nora Felder is a music supervisor and president of the Picture Music Company. The music you hear in many successful movies or TV series was probably selected by her.
Her name is associated with television series such as Stranger Things, Ray Donovan, American Gigolo.

This year, her intuition of using Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God) for a scene of Stranger Things propelled the song to the top of the charts, making it a viral phenomenon 37 years after its first release.


Rock and not only rock is in the hands of these women. Obviously here we are talking about established businesswomen who with their intelligence and personality and hard work have managed to occupy leading positions in the music business.

The path was certainly not easy for them. As they had to work harder in a world that in the past was managed almost exclusively by men. Persistence and tenacity have definitely paid off.

Music has the ability to influence society like no other art and that is why these women take their jobs very seriously. By pressing a button they can literally change the life of an artist.

We hope that one day they will put an eye on our music too ­čÖé daydreaming costs nothing. They dreamed of the life they are now living.

We all need to begin to dream as hard as they did because only by doing so have they become the Valkyries of Rock.

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