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Halloween Double Creature Feature is Derek Lee Goodreid’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Derek Lee Goodreid is back with a super single with 2 tracks in it. A special gift for Halloween!

Halloween Double Creature Feature is Derek Lee Goodreid’s Single

Luckily there are some artists who think about the soundtrack for our Halloween parties.

With his hoarse, wild voice this artist reminds me of a werewolf awakening on the full moon.

These two songs are able to fully describe the mood of Halloween and make you think of the crazy nights that await us this fall.

The sound is obviously crepuscular without forgetting the classic harmonic refinements that distinguish the music of this talented artist.

Derek Lee Goodreid is an artist who is able to entertain you and who with his music with noir and vintage shades manages to make you live in a parallel universe, literally transporting you to another dimension.

Simply fantastic, he will definitely be the soundtrack of my Halloween. Auuuuuu 🙂

Halloween Double Creature Feature is Derek Lee Goodreid’s Single Out Now!


Halloween Double Creature Feature is Derek Lee Goodreid’s Single

Halloween is just around the corner and Derek is releasing a special treat, a double creature feature of original psychobilly/rockabilly tunes based on his love for old horror movies.

The first is inspired by all things werewolf “Beneath The Howlin’ Light” and features the murderous upright bass work of fellow Aussie, Leon Pratt and the killer mixing of Orange County audio legend, Austin Hein.

The following single “Racing Against Death” features the terrifyingly evil lead guitar of psychobilly, rockabilly youtuber Adrian Whyte and the deadly slap bass of Canadian rocker Stephen K Donnelly. The lyrics have references to some of Derek’s favourite rockabilly songs from artists such as Gene Vincent, Jim Foster & the Kountry Kut Ups, Charlie Feathers and Eddie Cochran and imagines Death as your hot rod rival in a high stakes race for your life. Funnily enough it was the first song written and recorded after Derek was hit by a car while walking home last year and inspiration literally struck him but was unable to kill him.

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