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Hard To Find is Pete Miller’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Pete Miller in the past but today we focus on another song, Hard To Find, included in his album Live on Record.

Hard To Find is Pete Miller’s Single

The first chords of this song reminded me of Alice in Chains and then it immediately switches to a Johnny Cash-Esque songwriting style.

The lyrics are intense and once again demonstrate Pete Miller’s compositional skills.

While listening to Hard To Find I felt catapulted into a Coen brothers film. I felt like a renegade fleeing across the desert.

If I had to define this music with a color I would say it is yellow. The way it’s composed makes desert landscapes pass before your eyes or yellowed images of a Super 8.

This music is rooted in traditional American music. These are the songs that accompanied the pioneers as they were conquering the new world.

I recommend everyone to go and listen to Pete Miller’s music, it’s a really good experience.

Hard To Find is Pete Miller’s Single, included in the album Live on Record.


Hard To Find is Pete Miller’s Single

“I haven’t listened to the album I recorded it, but I have a fascination with horseback-type songs, as they are timeless. ‘Big Iron’ or ‘pancho and lefty’ -type songs never die, as they not only deal with the natural aesthetics of the countryside, but also give you a glimpse into how difficult life was for many in the past. Moreover, they teach you that the downfall of a man in the past was not all that different from the downfall of man today. And learning that ‘nothing new is underneath the sun’ has a dark, twisted feeling to it, a feeling of hopelessness which you cannot get with other songs outside the ‘horse-back’/’cowboy’ songs.”


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