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(Hardly) Lucky is World Government’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to World Government and their single & video (Hardly) Lucky. I found this band on Spotify and their unique artistic vision impressed me a lot.

(Hardly) Lucky is World Government’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Today we are faced with an innovative sound that seems to come from the future.

As soon as I hit the play button, the Pet Shop Boys came to mind. The sound proposed by this band is electronic and futuristic a bit like that of the English duo. Obviously, the sounds are more modern and fit better with today’s music.

World Government is a visionary and fascinating musical project.

The single (Hardly) Lucky is accompanied by a beautiful, avant-garde video. A sequence of frames that somehow describes the difficulty and the beauty of being alive. This is what I felt while watching it.

The production is great and the chord progression is refined and never banal.

Surely we are faced with a band with a great compositional experience behind them as they offer quality music.

A nice discovery that I recommend to everyone.

(Hardly) Lucky is World Government’s Single Out Now!


(Hardly) Lucky is World Government’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

World Government proudly presents “Lucky” in seven versions and videos. It is a bit cautious, a bit sad, a bit sarcastic song about being in the moment, feeling “now”. We are finally out of our comfort zone. What is next?

At a time when a lot of creative effort is channeled into just one ultimate track, it is technically impossible to include everything that sounds “right” in one piece. Sometimes there are so many options that it is not clear anymore what is the “main” version and what is a “remix”. For their first proper single, WORLD GOVERNMENT chose to prepare a full pack of versions of one song. All done by the band, these variations outline the duo’s spheres of interest and sonic palette. It is almost like the same song is coming from different parallel universes.

The ‘Lucky’ tracks are accompanied by a full collection of videos. Each of the seven versions of the song has its own imagery. Some are simple and contemplative, some are puzzling or even shocking, some are presenting fragmented stories, while others are just video designs. The videos feature some reappearing footage, as if it is being connected between many realities. It works as a set of separate videos as well as a small music film.
World Government debuted in 2007.

After several compilation album appearances and numerous live shows, they focused on a full album. The trap of perfectionism was powerful, and the quest for the album drew the band into a voluntary hermitage for several years. Now, when they have survived, they are returning with bags full of goodies.

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