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He She They (Remastered) is Peppermint Moon’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Peppermint Moon in the past but he is back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

He She They (Remastered) is Peppermint Moon’s Single

The sound of the pad that introduces this song vibrated in my head creating a sci-fi atmosphere.

While I was listening to this beautiful song, a somewhat risky association came to my mind. In some moments the melodic line reminded me of David Bowie while the sounds used are modern and futuristic.

A truly intriguing sound blend that has the ability to hypnotize the listener. This song makes you fly with your imagination.

He She They (Remastered) made me fly with herons. I flew over the endless American plains and I felt free.

Peppermint Moon is an artist who loves to amaze with out-of-the-ordinary harmonic solutions. His music stands out from the crowd because it is unique.

Absolutely Reconfirmed!

He She They (Remastered) is Peppermint Moon‘s Single Out Now!


He She They (Remastered) is Peppermint Moon’s Single

“He She They” is a song about finding yourself and the hope of being loved and accepted for who are no matter what. It was inspired by a loved one.

Peppermint Moon is the one-man recording project of Colin Schlitt. He writes, performs, and produces all the songs by himself. He also plays bass and sings some of his songs in the dark alt-pop band El Radio Fantastique. He lives in the Bay Area of northern California and works as a teacher when he’s not playing music.

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