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Heartbeat is Mark Winters’ Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Mark Winters in the past but this talented artist is back. Today we focus specifically on a song from the Boundary Layer album, titled Heartbeat.

Heartbeat is Mark Winters’ Single | Indie Music

This tune is very interesting as it is a progressive rock song.

An articulated and well-thought-out harmonic construction that demonstrates the great compositional talent of this mature artist.

The chorus is very catchy and stays in your head for a long time after listening. An epic rhythmic cadence that makes you want to march.

Of Heartbeat, I really liked the cuts and the guitar riffs that combine the verses with the choruses. These bridges manage to create mature and meaningful musical phrases that demonstrate Mark Winters’ eclecticism.

An artist with a clear artistic vision which I like to recommend to everyone another time.

Heartbeat is Mark Winters’ Single Out Now!


Heartbeat is Mark Winters’ Single | Indie Music

Texas-based Indie-rock musician Mark Winters is many things; a soulful songwriter, a witty poet, passionate musician, an entrepreneur, an optimist, a family man and a bonafide rocket scientist! (He has a degree in Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautical Engineering.)

Mark began his music career playing cover songs with popular local band Agave Report (they helped his ambidextrous brain decide whether to play guitar lefty or righty and learned that he could not sing lyrics he didn’t personally agree with). Mark’s unflappable and optimistic outlook on life gave him the urge to share his original voice. Combining his music knowledge and his thoughtful and stirring poetry (John Mayer meets Tom Petty) Mark’s music embodies this signature sound with lively, soul connecting guitar riffs and memorable lyrics that interpret life, uplift, encourage, and inspire.

His approach to songwriting is open and honest, sharing his innermost thoughts and emotions to create a personal and memorable connection.

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