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Heartquake is NØMEN’s Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Artist is NØMEN and his Single Heartquake.

Heartquake is NØMEN’s Single | Indie Music

The music of this artist is innovative and experimental.

I was very impressed with NØMEN’s creativity, his music seems to come from the future. As soon as these electronic sounds began to strike my ears, I felt electrical impulses stimulate my synapse and oneiric visions were created before my eyes.

I have seen universal energy run before my eyes. For a moment it felt like I was passing the event horizon and being sucked into a black hole. Reality and time stopped for an eternal second and then I woke up when the chaos ended.

An extrasensory journey that I recommend everyone to experience. This music has the ability to make you travel and make you discover unknown parts of your subconscious.

Just Fantastic!

Heartquake is NØMEN’s Single Out Now!

Futuristic and Intense!

Heartquake is NØMEN’s Single | Indie Music

NØMEN (born August 7, 1995) is an Italian musician, producer and sound engineer.
He was passionate about music from an early age, starting play guitar at the age of 10, he attended the music milieu in his city from a very young age, playing in several local punk rock bands.

At 16 he discovered drums, when, almost as a joke, he decided to form a band with his cousin (drummer in a noise rock band), whom he had the idea to exchange their instruments. From that moment his passion for drumming keep on growing, becoming his reason of life.
At the drums Nømen started to play in several local bands, working as a musician and sound engineer. Than, pushed by the urge of giving life to his own sound, Nømen holds a degree in sound engineering, music production, mastering and has also a Master’s degree at the University of California (UCLA) in sound design for cinema and television. It’s during this period that Nømen began to approach electronic music, sampling ambient sounds to use theme inside his productions, mixing cinematographic sounds with distorted instruments and synthesizer, combining punk-rock to electronic music, creating a type of music free from genres. Today Nømen, in addition to produce his own music, is also the drummer for Indra and he founded, together with her and other collaborators known during his sound engineering studies, a music production studio, named “The Rabbit Hole”.

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