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Here Are The World’s Worst Witches

Every civilization has had its fair share of wizards, shamans, and witches. For centuries they have acted as intermediaries between the visible and the invisible, the conscious and the unconscious.

Here Are The World’s Worst Witches

The origin of witches dates back to the mists of time. Their myth developed from different figures in the ancient Greece and Rome.

The “lamia”, according to Greek mythology, was a female being, partly human and partly animal. She was a kidnapper of children or a seductive ghost.

The “strix” was, in ancient Rome, a bad omen nocturnal bird that fed on human blood and flesh. This bird was the result of a metamorphosis from a female! At that time there were sorceresses who created ‘love knots’ between men and women. They also transformed girls into birds or other beings.

The so-called witches were generally elderly females who knew medicinal herbs and other filters. Some were skilled cheaters who made use of popular credulity. Others were truly convinced of being a witch because they had relations with the devil.

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Witches could influence the weather, often with homeopathic magic operations, sometimes with simple rites, but always with the support of Evil. Their aim was to damage the crops of a neighbor who was richer than another. They could also make the cows lose their milk, dry the grass, and cause hailstorms. Witches could also influence humans, causing abortions, monstrous births, and epidemics.

In history, there are different creatures coming from the figure of witches.

One is the “Befana”. She is a kind of good witch. Catholicism has gradually accepted her, while it has always condemned witches. The Catholic Church considers them pagan beings who practice black magic, especially during the Middle Ages.

Other creatures related to witches are the “Anguane”. Their legend derives from the myth of fertility and the maternal figure that has always accompanied the man.

Here Are The World’s Worst Witches

They are female beings 3 meters tall, with fascinating faces and long drooping breasts. Sometimes they have goat legs, with retroverted feet, to indicate their mixed nature between humans and the world of magic.

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