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Here With You is The Starkillers’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
another beautiful song from this prolific band.

Here With You is The Starkillers’ Single

The delicate guitar arpeggio that introduces this song made me think of light spring rain falling into a lake.

Those waves that open in a circle that seems to never stop describe the emotions that this song can give. The melody is simple but not banal and manages to speak directly to your soul.

Here With You is an ideal song to listen to at sunset when a day is about to end but you have hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

I had already appreciated the compositional style of The Starkillers the first time I listened to them. The musical arrangements reminded me of bands like U2 and the sweet and delicate vocal timbre of the singer makes this music a high-quality experience.

Absolutely confirmed!

Here With You is The Starkillers’ Single Out Now!

Delicate and Deep!

Here With You is The Starkillers’ Single

“Here With You is really just about wanting to be with the person you connect with. It comes off as a romantic song, which in a way it is, but we wanted to focus more on the intimacy of simply clicking with another human being. And wanting to spend every waking minute with them, because in a way, they complete you. The lyrics say, “And it don’t feel right, For me to go home tonight, So what if I stay the night, Cuz I want to be here with you.” Like you’re in the moment, things are happy and you feel comfortable, so why ruin that good thing by leaving.

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