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HEX is Birdeatsbaby’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Birdeatsbaby are back with a nefarious single and video. The experience is intense as usual and will put you to the test… are you ready to discover the dark side of the moon?

HEX is Birdeatsbaby’s Single Out Now

The most fascinating thing about this song is that it feels like a snake coiling around you in a hypnotic dance.

Mockingly he looks into your eyes, while his forked tongue brushes your lips. Then the reptile slowly begins to strangle you and without even realizing it you are imprisoned and a servant of HER will.

This song first caresses you and then punishes you when you can’t escape anymore.

Birdeatsbaby know the road they’re on and want you to experience the charm of the underworld. They enchant you with sinuous dances and wonderful melodies meanwhile the lyrics, with passages in Latin, recite a ritual.

I am extremely fascinated by this band. The quality of their music and videos is superb.

In my opinion, Birdeatsbaby manage to arouse much more tension than Norwegian Black Metal. Their approach is so unusual and intriguing that penetrates your soul.

HEX is Birdeatsbaby’s Single Out Now!

Wickedly Wonderful!

HEX is Birdeatsbaby’s Single Out Now

Inspired by demonic texts such as the Ars Goetia, Birdeatsbaby present their latest infernal track – HEX, the title track of their upcoming album. Travelling further into the realms of post-metal, the band has created something that is at first celestial, then escalates into a living nightmare.

Birdeatsbaby are a group of multi-instrumentalists that blend elements of rock, metal and cinematic music to create a sound that’s striking and unique. Their previous releases have been produced by Paul Reeve of Muse fame and John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails…). Recently, one of their songs featured in ‘Close to Me’, in the hit Channel 4 thriller starring Connie Nielson and Christopher Eccleston.

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