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Hey Daddy is Mick J. Clark’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Mick J. Clark is back, this artist is unstoppable and keeps composing cool songs.

Hey Daddy is Mick J. Clark’s Single Out Now

I am blown away by how many songs this artist has composed.  His catalog has 63 tracks for a total of 4 hours of music…crazy!

An epic work and absolutely unusual creativity.

Hey Daddy is a song that reminded me of Dire Straits… a nostalgic and vintage atmosphere with really intriguing folk nuances.

The guitar solo around 2.20 blew my mind. I liked everything… the simple and clean sound of the guitar slightly out of tune and the psychedelic and wild riffs.

Mick J. Clark is an artist who follows his instincts, an artist who just wants to tell his emotions and his stories.

His great artistic sincerity sets him apart from the crowd. Mick J. Clark with his music reveals who really is as he wears no masks.

Absolutely amazing!

Hey Daddy is Mick J. Clark’s Single Out Now!

Intense and Free

Hey Daddy is Mick J. Clark’s Single Out Now

Like all kids, I thought my mum and dad were really happy together and so in love, and then he walked out on us. Men don’t realise when they walk out on their family how much hurt, fear and upset they leave behind and how confused and useless kids feel in this situation. Played slightly off key to make the song dark !!

I made it into the official 64th Grammy Nominations for my Album ‘Causes’. I am on the Sonorus Record Label with one song, ‘There’s Nothing Anybody Can Do’’ and with over 1,000,000 Spotify Streams on my songs. I reached No3 in the UK, and No2 in the USA iTunes Top 100 Rock Songs in June 2020 with my Global Warning song, ‘We Know It’s True’. I have written over 60 songs and I am also played on many Radio Stations, BBC Surrey, BBC Sheffield etc.

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