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Hey Love is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
a special twist reveals another aspect of the personality of this band that offers us a new song titled Hey Love.

Hey Love is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single

The rhythm of the drums immediately made my neck move like a walking pigeon.

The drum pulse to the rhythm of your heart and I was surprised that for once the compositional madness of this fantastic band gave way to a more introspective moment.

With this song, The Margaret Hooligans demonstrate the purity of their soul. Hey Love is a touching ballad, the melody manages to take you to heaven without having to shroom.

The vocal interpretation is truly superb and their signature sound recorded all live adds the magic needed to completely surrender to their visionary cult.

The Margaret Hooligans are gurus ready to open your third eye. The reality that surrounds you loses its lying mask as you listen to their music.

Let yourself go to the flow of these notes and be ready to reach Nirvana.

Hey Love is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single Out Now!

Intimidatingly Beautiful!

Hey Love is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single

“Hey Love is our second single from upcoming third album, Saturday Night in Bartertown. It is a bit of a love song, which is a departure from our usual tongue in cheek writing style, but retains the same elements of electric ukulele, interesting drumming, and crooning vocals.”


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