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Hide is Temperature Falls’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Temperature Falls but they are out now with a new single ‘Hide’ and I want to share my opinion about it

The thing that I like most about the music proposed by this duo is the ability to transfer the power of nature into music.

It is as if the Temperature Falls had managed to create an ancestral portal for humans to communicate with the energetic forces of nature.

This music sounds like the result of a solar storm … what if these guys living in Norway were actually hit by some electromagnetic waves during the Northern Lights?

Their sound contains a piece of universal information and seems to come from the future.

The production of their new single Hide is perfect as usual. The choice of the sounds is impeccable and the execution masterful.

This duo is simply fantastic. You must add them to your playlists!

Hide is Temperature Falls’ Single Out Now!

The Future Now!


A dark indie electronica track with hints of industrial a sprinkle of trip-hop and an alt-rock vibe chorus. A dark track dealing with mental health especially in those situations when you have a difficult choice to make. You don’t want to deal with it and you just want to hide. Temperature Falls spent a lot of time in the studio getting the live guitars and bass to really mesh with the electronica and beats.

Find Temperature Falls Here:


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