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Darvaza Gas Crater The Gates Of Hell

In the Karakum desert, in Asia, there is one of the most incredible places on the planet. They call it the gate of hell and its glow is visible in the night from miles away.

Darvaza Gas Crater The Gates Of Hell

The belief has spread among locals that it is a supernatural place, but, in reality, Darvaza is once again the fruit of human greed.

They call it the gate of hell, where the flames of the Earth burn for eternity. Darvaza is one of the scariest and most fascinating sites on the planet, inevitably carrying an aura of supernatural place. But although it seems to have been there since the beginning of time, its origin actually dates back to just 50 years ago. In the early 1970s, the Soviet government was looking for oil, at a time when people still did not believe in renewable energy. Thus geologists and workers began to drill the Karakum desert, near a small village in present-day Turkmenistan. But instead of sinking into the oil field, the drills reached a pocket of natural gas.

The ground suddenly collapsed, dragging all the equipment underground with it. The newspapers of the time did not report any victims in the accident, but it cannot be excluded that someone died in the following months or years due to the poisonous gases released into the atmosphere. To avoid further accidents, and to save the villagers, the decision was quickly made to set fire to the crater, in the hope of exhausting all the gas in the cave. The calculations were once again wrong: the gas did not run out at all in a short time, and indeed, since that day 50 years ago, the Darvaza crater still burns continuously today.

The belief has thus spread among the locals that Darvaza is in effect the gateway to hell, the place from which the flames of the damned rise to the sky, resistant to even the coldest cold of the night. A legend that does not differ too much from reality, since this natural gas crater is nothing more than the fruit of the greed of the human being, who instead of learning to appreciate the beauties of this paradise, has decided to transform it once more time in a hell of fire and flames.

Darvaza Gas Crater The Gates Of Hell

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