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I Couldn’t Trust is R. F. Coleman’s Single & Video

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured artist is R. F. Coleman and his Single & Video I Couldn’t Trust.

I Couldn’t Trust is R. F. Coleman’s Single & Video

Today we are faced with a very eclectic artist who uses many ways to express his creativity.

His refined and original musical style reminded me of Beck. An irreverent and catchy melody that stays in your head for a long time and a groove that prevents you from sitting and pushes you to dance.

The single I Couldn’t Trust is accompanied by a very nice video in which the artist plays the boxer, demonstrating enviable acting and physical skills.

His experience as a documentary maker and journalist allows him to have a very complete artistic approach that obviously distinguishes him from the rest. Nowadays, it is easier to get people talking about you if you have more than one talent.

R. F. Coleman with his solid vision is an artist who will not struggle to make himself known to the masses around the world also because his music has something to say.

A fantastic find that I recommend to everyone.

I Couldn’t Trust is R. F. Coleman’s Single & Video Out Now!


I Couldn’t Trust is R. F. Coleman’s Single & Video

R. F. Coleman has been shot, stabbed, poisoned with cyanide and put a hit out on himself. His madness and creativity is now channeled solely into music. Wanted to give it a crack himself, he turned down a major label deal (yes, stupid, but not the stupidest thing he’s done), is independent, without management, marketing, label, distribution or press support!

Prior to music, R. F Coleman wrote features for the New York Times, VICE and Guardian. Had photographs published by Canon, directed award-winning short films on five continents, and drew portraits in bars he’s no longer allowed step foot in.

R. F. Coleman captures unbelievable moments in his writing, films, interviews and photography. While covering the Thai coup for The New York Times he befriended a local gangster in a military-run cocaine bar and a few hours later put a hit out on himself. He was fired that night for Skyping naked with the Features Editor. While directing ‘Fortitude’ – a documentary spanning nine years embedded with Australia’s far-right – R. F. Coleman was poisoned with cyanide while shooting pool with a Neo-Nazi; watched porn and made explosive devices with Phill Galea (pictured: now serving 12 years for terrorism); toured up and down Australia with the United Patriot’s Front as their leader, Blair Cottrell, attempted to win a seat in the Federal election. R. F. Coleman’s been shortlisted for Vimeo awards for a microdocumentary and shot acclaimed street photography, largely on 35mm film. In October 2022, he plans to go on tour to Las Vegas with Bret Easton Ellis – reviewing his latest book, while Ellis reviews Coleman’s forthcoming EP. It’ll be brutal.

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