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The Alternate Ending Of I Am Legend…Sick!

The other day I decided to watch again I am Legend starring Will Smith, a film that I have always liked a lot.

The Alternate Ending Of I Am Legend…Sick!

A deserted world after a virus had led almost the entire human population to turn into emotionless monsters.

It all started with a virus that was used to treat cancer but which then evolved into something else … I must say that while I was watching it and seeing what is happening in the world nowadays it’s completely a new experience…if you know what I mean!

The thing that left me completely amazed, however, is that I found out that there is an alternate ending that I had never seen before.

Many of you may already be aware of this but for me, this was the first time and I was absolutely shocked that there is a version of the movie with an alternate ending.

I must say that the original ending is what I like best but I am pleased that in a parallel universe there is still Dr. Robert Neville fighting the virus for us.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the alternate ending of I am a Legend.

The Alternate Ending Of I Am Legend…Sick!

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