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ICON is Eruption Artistique’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Eruption Artistique in the past but they are back with new single and I want to share my opinion about it.

ICON is Eruption Artistique’s Single

The creativity of these guys knows no boundaries.

The visionary artistic approach of Eruption Artistique is captivating and manages to inspire other artists.

This new song reminded me of a blend of Gorillaz, Manu Chao, and The Cure. A daring association but this melody hides in my opinion a sense of paranoia and a twilight atmosphere combined with a melody that at first listen seems lighter.

This is the strength of this band, being able to mix different flavors and make them coexist in a coherent and mature musical product.

The video clip demonstrates once more how Eruption Artistique is not limited only to music to express their art.

The costumes and the cinematography show how in every little detail these guys try to express what they feel inside.

Absolutely reconfirmed!

ICON is Eruption Artistique’s Single Out Now!


ICON is Eruption Artistique’s Single

Eruption Artistique is back with this ultra catchy 1960’inspired track.

The song is about true beauty and love. The video is a post modern apocalyptic fairytale. We used Rainbow Super Glue to built our own world and create our own ICONS.

Find Eruption Artistique Here:


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