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If I Could Survive This is Gavin Fox’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
Gavin Fox is back with a new single “If I Could Survive This”. You will be intrigued by this song.

If I Could Survive This is Gavin Fox’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

The first riff and above all the guitar sound set the mood of this song.

A refined tune that reminded me of Dave Matthews and also the Counting Crows for compositional quality.

Gavin Fox proves to be a great songwriter. Honestly, I found no flaws with this song. If I Could Survive This sounds like a famous song because the production and interpretation are impeccable.

The vocal line is intricate and the rhythm section ventures into exquisite rhythmic designs.

A song that makes you want to take the car and wander around the city one of those days when you just want to be alone with yourself.

A beautiful song that once again demonstrates the artistic talent of Gavin Fox.

If I Could Survive This is Gavin Fox’s Single Out Now!

Exquisite Tune!

If I Could Survive This is Gavin Fox’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

The song shines a light on mental health by recalling my own personal story. Since my late teens I had a dark cloud that followed me. It was never too far away. Every now and then, it would envelope me. I had built up images in my mind as to the things I should be achieving and the person I should be, constantly comparing myself to others and never being good enough.

I aimed for perfection in everything I did and seldom enjoyed the journey. I threw myself into career as a distraction and, while I achieved success, I enjoyed brief moments of self-worth. I never spoke to anyone about my inner thoughts and feelings because, to me, that was a sign of weakness and not in harmony with the confident and successful image I had created for the outside world.

I eventually found myself in a very dark place and thankfully found the courage to ask for help. I went through a painful but liberating process of self-discovery. I experienced an awakening. It was then I picked up a guitar for the very first time and shortly after starting writing. It is a sign of courage, not weakness, to say ‘I don’t feel right, I need some help’. I am living proof of that. And when you look inside, who knows what you might discover. It is truly amazing what you can find when you awaken your soul.

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