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The McKamey Manor Pure Horror | Halloween

If you are planning to go on vacation for Halloween, you are a horror fan and have a good dose of courage, you can think of “challenging” McKamey Manor, in San Diego, California.

The McKamey Manor Pure Horror | Halloween

Those who have been there guaranteed that it is an experience that can terrify even the least impressionable.

McKamey Manor is a “house of horror” that aims to be the most terrifying in the world. “Warning, this is no ordinary house of horror. It is an audience participation event where you will experience your personal horror. It is a hard, intense, and genuinely impressive experience “. The whole adventure is filmed, so that visitors can enjoy the show again, this time more comfortably seated in an armchair.

What is so “hard” about what McKamey Manor proposes? It is not easy to give an answer because the theme changes every year, albeit based on the same legend that acts as a common thread: the story says that McKamey Manor was a madhouse where the guards cloned patients and then sold their organs. One of the patients allegedly escaped, tearing the guardian to pieces with an ax, and now plays the director of the asylum, looking for new victims.

The McKamey Manor Pure Horror | Halloween

Visitors, who can enter a maximum of two at a time, last year were bound and gagged, and their heads were stuck in snake cages. The shouts of visitors begging to let them go are useless: once you enter, unless there is a serious medical problem, you cannot go out until the end of the “performance”, which can last from 4 to 7 hours.

However, so far no show has come to an end: Russ McKamey, the creator of McKamey Manor, said that for one reason or another they always had to stop the performance. For some the problem was medical, others were on the verge of psychological collapse.

Despite this, the reviews of visitors, once recovered, have always been extremely positive: “They knew we wanted strong emotions, and they gave them to us,” writes one of the visitors. And as a further demonstration of the success of the initiative, the fact that the waiting list to be admitted among visitors is extremely long, despite the fact that those who book are well aware of what awaits them.

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