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I’m a mess is Lais Scort’s Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Artist is Lais Scort and her Single I’m a mess.

I’m a mess is Lais Scort’s Single | Indie Music

I really liked the compositional style of this artist. The vocal timbre reminded me, in some moments, that of Dido. A voice capable of speaking directly to the heart and soul of the listener.

Lais Scort’s music is a meaningful alternative rock that unleashes fascinating energy.

This girl is fantastic and proves with her story and her music that any adversity can be defeated by willpower. Music in this case is not only therapeutic for her but also for us who listen to these beautiful songs.

Lais Scort has within her a rock spirit greater than many stars who instead wear only a mask but who do not have this rebellious spirit in their blood.

I’m a mess is an irreverent, pure and sincere song. This artist does not hold back and lets us know her doubts and weaknesses … because, I believe, she is no longer afraid.

Some people face greater challenges than others. Lais Scort has chosen to fight her battle and is always at the forefront with her tenacity and talent.

Go and listen to her, it is worth it!

I’m a mess is Lais Scort’s Single Is Out Now!


I’m a mess is Lais Scort’s Single | Indie Music

Lais Scort is a light being, singer, songwriter, independent artist, producer and sound priestess based in Brazil. She’s from a generation that’s creating genre-less music mixing everything that feels true. Her music lives somewhere in the between Alt-pop, Indie Rock and conscious music. Her vocals have been compared to Billie EilishImogen Heap and AURORA and her production style to Imagine DragonsHalseyTwenty One Pilots and No Doubt. She believes songs are portals and sound can create a piece of Heaven on Earth. Her inspiration comes from ecstatic singing, automatic writing, dreams, shamanic journeys, deep experiences and soul search. The lyrics cover themes like resilience, grief, finding who we are and our path, rebirths, faith and spiritual connection in this human experience.

In 2008, after breaking her neck in a pool dive she had a conversation with a spirit guide who gave her the option of continuing or going back because it wouldn’t be easy. She decided to continue and even though quadriplegia she trusted her path would be guided.  After the sudden passing of her dad, the calling to be a frequency holder got loud and clear and with her dad guiding her from the spirit realms she embraced the calling. FiaWhite SunMackenzie MadroneAyla Nereo, and Guru Jagat inspired her to make music. Lais cocreates in Spirit and also holds sacred space for light workers to behold their true power and create in it.

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