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Imbalance is Havoc Osiris’ New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,

our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Havoc Osiris and his new single Imbalance. I found this artist on Spotify and I was mesmerized by the uniqueness of his sound.

Imbalance is Havoc Osiris’ New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

This music seems to come from the future.

As soon as I hit the play button I found myself in a parallel universe. The atmospheres created by this song speak directly to your subconscious and stimulate your pineal gland.

I was very fascinated by this music which seems to hide a cryptic message.

Havoc Osiris was able to open up a new musical world. An artist who likes to experiment and who is not afraid to follow his visionary artistic path.

I am very happy when I meet such futuristic artists. Their music can be an inspiration for many other artists.

While listening to the new single Imbalance I saw myself walking on the events horizon of a black hole before being swallowed by it.

An incredible musical experience that I recommend everyone to try.

Imbalance is Havoc Osiris’ Single Out Now!

Futuristic and Unique!

Imbalance is Havoc Osiris’ New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Havoc Osiris is a 30 year old dystopian hip hop beatmaker. At its core, dystopian hip hop is a largely underground, extremely alternative, and completely experimental subgenre of hip hop music based on the multiverse of dystopian fiction, and as such, you’ll often see artists and producers of this caliber approach this in various forms, with the only constant being the dark energy that typically comes with literally any work of fiction where the world ended.

“I made “Imbalance” as a means of establishing that my brand of dystopian hip hop lives within cyberpunk fiction, albeit a surrealist version thereof. When I started making music during the lockdown stages of the pandemic, I toyed with more conventional sounds before discovering the versatility of both electronic music and hip hop music. Once I found out how I could blend those two genres with multiple others, and create variations of moods throughout my songs without having to say a single word, I began to take the process more seriously”.

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