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Impostor Syndrome is ‪THE HYBRIS’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
‪THE HYBRIS are entertaining us with a new song…are you ready to jump back to the 80s’?

Impostor Syndrome is ‪THE HYBRIS’ Single

For some reason, this song took me back in time. Perhaps for the vocal interpretation that in some moments reminded me of Rozz Williams and his Christian Death.

The music is modern and it’s only the voice that creates this feeling … very special and interesting indeed.

For a moment I felt like I was standing in front of a Wormhole and I was seeing back in time. The past and the future come together in this song.

A truly innovative punk rock in terms of sound precisely because of this mix of emotions and atmospheres.

The theatrical propensity of THE HYBRIS is fantastic, in my opinion, they could even exacerbate this quality and combine it with effective visuals a bit as Ghost do.

Creativity and talent are evident. A musical project that I have been following for some time and that convinces me more and more.

Impostor Syndrome is ‪THE HYBRIS’ Single Out Now!


Impostor Syndrome is ‪THE HYBRIS’ Single

“Impostor Syndrome” is the new output of the group, released on Jan 13th, 2023. The song is about a feeling many of us know – not being good enough. Not good enough in your job, not good enough for relationships, not good enough to create anything of value. It’s a dialogue with a well-meaning friend.

“Our music moves between pop, punk, indie rock and alternative rock, I think it sounds some kind of retro. The songs are sometimes quite different, “Impostor Syndrome is a bit more punk than other songs of the band, but we still try to create a consistent, recognizable style. People quickly compare you with existing bands, critics have compared us to bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Killers, Billy Talent or Foo Fighters – which is an incredible compliment for us.”

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