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Women Accused Of Witchcraft To Take Over Their Beer

Women have been the first producers of beer, since the days of its invention, beer was first brewed about 7,000 years ago on the territory of present-day Iran.

Women Accused Of Witchcraft To Take Over Their Beer

Therefore we can easily say that Beer is a woman not only because it is feminine in name, nor because so many of us have been irremediably seduced by its virtues.

In this article, we tell a little known story, and therefore very interesting, where women and beer are the protagonists.

In 1300 in England (middle ages) the women took care of the house and, among the countless tasks they had to carry out, the production of beer was also part of the household duties, which, at that time, was seen as an indispensable “food”. For this reason, they were also called Alewives.

With rudimentary tools and recipes, they managed to put their home beer every day on the table; until it was realized that a profit could be made. So someone began to stick a broom outside their home when the beer was ready, like a rudimentary sign, to let the thirsty know where to find refreshment. Other women, equipped with a pointed hat, so as to get noticed, began to publicly sell their beer.

Beer brewed at home for domestic consumption had suddenly become a consumer good with a price and customers. And as always happens when money is at stake, there is always someone who tries to grab as much profit as possible, destroying the competition.

The interest in the Beer Business gave rise to the idea, from some bad and greedy businessmen, to accuse these women, who walked around with pointy hats and trafficked with pots and herbs, of witchcraft.

The beginning of the witch hunt…and the Beer Business “magically” began to be controlled by men who once again managed to trick women with petty tricks.

In short, is there a link between witchcraft and home brewing? Indeed, when dealing with pots, boiling liquids, aromas, you feel a bit of a sorcerer. The fact that you are bewitched by beer from the very first sip is the logical consequence!

Women Accused Of Witchcraft To Take Over Their Beer

But it is obvious that the history of the world teaches us that every time women began to emancipate themselves and become successful men have always invented something to keep them under control.

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  1. Good story about, you guessed it, men behaving badly. Quelle surprise!

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