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Inner Child (Tepilunia Soundscapes Version) is Lethia’s Natorium’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,

Lethia’s Natorium is inspiring. To listen to so many versions of the same song is an interesting experiment because it shows how many directions a song can take.

Inner Child (Tepilunia Soundscapes Version) is Lethia’s Natorium’s Single

I was speechless listening to this version of this beautiful song.

Lethia’s Natorium makes the same track wearing a different dress for each season… this version has given new light to this tune making it magical. In some moments it took me to heaven.

The vocal interpretation is precious and the passion this artist puts into always giving her best while singing her songs is hypnotic.

I had goosebumps because I honestly didn’t expect it. The original version of Inner Child is alternative rock and this (Tepilunia Soundscapes Version) is something different…ecstatic!

Perhaps this is the version I liked the most because it demonstrates the great talent and great soul of this great artist called Lethia’s Natorium.

Inner Child (Tepilunia Soundscapes Version) is Lethia’s Natorium’s Single Out Now!


Inner Child (Tepilunia Soundscapes Version) is Lethia’s Natorium’s Single

As part of : ‘The Remixes – and then some’ series, this version of Inner Child is a rework, in the style of ‘Tepilunia Soundscapes’. ‘Tepilunia Soundscapes’ was a project created by Pena a few years back, where they were a collection of instrumental and semi-instrumental pieces that a slight classical flare to them (aka Orchestral Pop/Chamber Pop). As Pena does not write that many tracks in this genre, there is not enough material to feature it as a separate project in its own right.

Rebelling against the ‘Pigeon hole game’, Pena has shown how a rework of a song can place it in a completely different genre than the original. With this version of ‘Inner Child’ Pena’s vocals on this particular version are a complete contrast to her vocals on the original version of ‘Inner Child’. Pena decided to scale this song back and replace the guitars of the original version for strings and piano.

By labelling the track ‘Tepilunia Soundscapes’ (with plans to incorporate ‘TS’ on the occasional : The Remixes – and then some series), should enable the listener to instantly identify the genre of the track before actually listening to it.

Find Lethia’s Natorium Here:


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