Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Inner Child (Vinny's Version) is Lethia's Natorium's Single
Inner Child (Vinny’s Version) is Lethia’s Natorium’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,

Lethia’s Natorium is really very productive as an artist. Her creativity seems to have no limits.

Inner Child (Vinny’s Version) is Lethia’s Natorium’s Single

I was really amazed by this remix.

Inner Child is one of the songs by Lethia’s Natorium that I liked the most. Listening to Vinny’s version today gave me completely different emotions.

The original piece is an alternative rock that looks to the 80s, this version is psychedelic and futuristic and manages to make you travel with your imagination.

As I was listening to the beautiful musical arrangements and vibes I felt like I was driving a spaceship in search of distant planets and galaxies.

When a song has been conceived well, the various versions also succeed because the foundations are solid.

We have to give credit to Vinny who did a great job by giving this beautiful bitch a new dress.

Lethia’s Natorium never ceases to amaze and she is always able to entertain us with her art, collaborations, and visions.

 Inner Child (Vinny’s Version) is Lethia’s Natorium’s Single Out Now!

Always Great!

Inner Child (Vinny’s Version) is Lethia’s Natorium’s Single

This latest release is taken from the forthcoming EP: “Inner Child – Remixes and then Some” series. The EP is scheduled for release towards the ending of February and features remixes and alternative versions of ‘Inner Child’, a song originally released a few months back and taken from the recently released debut album: ‘Tenant’.

Find Lethia’s Natorium Here:


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