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Insist is First Frontier’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
First Frontier are unstoppable and they are back this time with a cool rock ballad titled Insist.

This fantastic Duo amazes us with a sweeter song this time, proving that they have many compositional alternatives. However, there is only one common thread and their style is so unmistakable.

The chord progression and their musical vision are like a seal on a papal encyclical … whatever the First Frontiers do their trademark is there.

They have a sound that stands out from the crowd and just a few notes are enough to understand that we are listening to one of their songs.

This in my opinion is what all artists aspire to. Finding their own voice, their own music, and their own melody in a world where there is only so much noise around.

Always recommended to all!

Insist is First Frontier’s Single Out Now!

Solid and Sweet!


Quote: “At its core, INSIST is a love song. But unlike most love songs, it’s about wanting to make yourself better for somebody that you love. The song flies in the face of modern, western romance, where the other person is seen as an object in the pursuit of self-actualisation. We wanted to explore how love is not about seeking somebody to complete us, but about finding somebody who makes us want to make ourselves complete.

Like many of our songs, this song could also apply to our planet. We must insist that we’re stronger and truer for it. There’s a trust that we sustain one another. Humanity has often broken that trust“.

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