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Into a Boy is Guilherme’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Guilherme in the past but now this talented artist is back with a new single Into a Boy that is part of the album Persephone and the Ghost Brother.

Into a Boy is Guilherme’s Single

The visionary journey of this artist continues and I’m sincerely fascinated by his musical world.

His music hides a coded message that comes to us from the future. It seems that these sounds and atmospheres somehow want to open the third eye and help humanity to make a quantum leap.

Open your mind toward new horizons and move away from the ephemeral to get closer to the metaphysical… to stimulate a dialogue with your soul and feed your thoughts with new energy.

The album in general leaves you speechless, this is music to listen to several times in order to savor all the maniacal nuances.

The single Into a Boy is accompanied by a fantastic video where a dancer performs what appears to be the Japanese dance called Butoh.  This a fantastic choice as this song almost seems to describe a metamorphosis and the movements of the dancer perfectly describe this feeling.

A unique and exceptional artist that I invite you to follow as he composes insanely beautiful music.

Into a Boy is Guilherme’s Single Out Now!


Into a Boy is Guilherme’s Single

Guilherme Cosme is an avant-garde/experimental singer, composer and founder member of the post punk band Mary Bleeds. Guilherme found solace in art at a young age. Born and raised in Brazil, in his teens the self-taught musician begun to write songs. He trained his voice by studying the work of greats like Andy Bey and the legendary Nina Simone.

In addition to his early Jazz influences, Cosme was inspired by the work of Layne Stanley (Alice in Chains) and Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees). He found his voice in Rock & Roll. In Ireland he formed one half of the duo Eçá and then later transitioned to his current role of singer/songwriter for the band Mary Bleeds. Their debut album showcases Guilherme’s deeply personal writing style as he weaves biblical imagery and scenes from childhood into the band’s nuanced Post-Punk sound.

In addition to his work with the Mary Bleeds, Guilherme Cosme has produced a new solo EP titled ‘Demon.’ The record is a dark and meditative collection of five songs written for voice and piano which finds the singer diving deep into his own battle with mental illness. He wrote these songs as catharsis while struggling with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. With the new record Cosme hopes to reach out to those who struggle with similar issues and to raise awareness of the pain and suffering many face in silence.

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