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Is a Gateway Drug is The Bare Minimum’s Album

Good Day Noir Family,
The Bare Minimum are back this time with a full album so sit down and enjoy the show.

Is a Gateway Drug is The Bare Minimum’s Album

I listened to Is a Gateway Drug two times before writing something about it and I enjoyed being submerged by this avalanche of notes.

A pure fantastic sound, raw and instinctive like a lion gutting a zebra.

These guys always manage to make cool songs. All the tunes on the album are solid and they push relentlessly.

I don’t recommend listening to this music while working out in the gym. If you follow this rhythm you will have a heart attack.

These tracks are perfect for giving you the right amount of adrenaline to rob a bank or jump off a mountain on a snowboard.

There are no flaws when the sound is so instinctive. Music without beats or computers is beautiful music, that’s what The Bare Minimum teaches us. Music made by real musical instruments, and incessant rehearsals just to create the right musical chemistry between the band’s members.


Is a Gateway Drug is The Bare Minimum’s Album Out Now!


Is a Gateway Drug is The Bare Minimum’s Album

‘Is A Gateway Drug’ pays homage to 90s skate-punk while avoiding the pitfalls of nostalgia. It makes sense that all of the musicians—guitarist Mick Hutchinson, drummer Chris Nikolaidis, singer/guitarist Cam Gray, and bassist Donnie Hopper grew up on a steady diet of Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Fat Wreck Chords.

The album is accompanied with goofy videos for ‘Garbage in my Brain’ and ‘Conspiracy 2 (Shadowban)’ showing the band’s propensity to blend absurd humor with serious critique. ‘Is A Gateway Drug’ was mixed by Devon Lougheed of SuperBonBon Sound and mastered at CPS Mastering.

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