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It’s All Gonna Go is Beat The Drum’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Beat The Drum in the past but they are back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

It’s All Gonna Go is Beat The Drum’s Single

This song demonstrates once more the refined compositional approach of this duo.

The melodic line of the voice is enigmatic and articulated and the harmonic intuitions are out of the norm and manage to make the sound of Beat The Drum stand out from the crowd.

In some moments, especially in the chorus, the chord progression made me think of Chris Cornell and Soundgarden. The sound is less powerful than that of the Seattle band but some nuances reminded me of that legendary band. Maybe even the vocal interpretation.

It’s All Gonna Go investigates the fact that many successful people, although they may have everything they want, are unable to be happy. Just like the leader of Soundgarden who suffered from depression that led him to his death.

Demons lurk in our souls. Material success cannot help us to dispel them. Material success is the easiest one to achieve, but spiritual success is what will allow you to be truly happy.

It’s All Gonna Go is Beat The Drum’s Single Out Now!

Refined and Deep!

It’s All Gonna Go is Beat The Drum’s Single

Something in more of a rock vein this time. Tumbling acoustic guitar gives way to an insistent guitar riff that drives the song. This is the tale of someone who has it all but still wants more. It’s a tragic story of a rise and fall. What goes around comes around.

This track feels like it would make a great theme for a blockbuster film or TV drama. Like Peaky Blinders for example. We made a cinematic video to go with it which we are really happy with and we think you may like.

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