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It’s Not Over is Onism E’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Onism E is unstoppable. Another great tune from this talented band.

It’s Not Over is Onism E’s Single

This band has come a long way. It’s Not Over sounds like a song composed by a band with decades of experience behind them.

The vocal line is intricate and the singer interprets the lyrics in a passionate way.

A dynamically perfect song, a roller coaster of emotions that alternates moments of pure pathos with more energetic and epic moments.

The musical arrangements are very well thought out and in some passages, It’s Not Over made me think of Nick Cave’s compositional style. Songs that look like poems where a magical atmosphere is created between the audience and the band during the interpretation.

This song gives strength and hope and manages to charge you with positive energy to face the hard times we are living in.

It’s Not Over is Onism E’s Single out now!



A song about the struggle to stay present and strong during these difficult times. These days that just seem to keep delivering punches.

It’s Not Over is Onism E’s Single

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