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It’s Not This One is Not Now Norman’s Album

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Not Now Norman but they are back with a full album and I want to share my opinion about it.

It’s Not This One is Not Now Norman’s Album

I have to say that I really enjoyed this album. The 90s vibes immediately hooked me.

It’s Not This One is a direct and sincere album, all the songs are solid and follow a common thread that makes this musical product very coherent.

Taylor-Grace’s voice is fantastic, this artist’s ability to accommodate the dynamics of the songs is out of the ordinary. The vocal interpretation is intense and the lyrics speak directly to the soul of the listener.

These beautiful rock songs are masterfully played by all band members who demonstrate that they have created an enviable musical chemistry between them.

Not Now Norman is a band with a mature artistic vision with a highly developed compositional style. Their music is on par with the songs that dominate the charts.

A beautiful album that I recommend everyone to go listen to.

It’s Not This One is Not Now Norman’s Album Out Now!

Mature and Intense!

It’s Not This One is Not Now Norman’s Album

Following the success of their previous singles “Shut Your Mouth” and “Save Me”. Not Now Norman are back in their vein of hard hitting tracks, most of which have been born of personal experience or are of major topical concerns. Now releasing their first album “It’s Not This One” – a fine combination of The Pretty Reckless and Black Sabbath mixed with their own original flair to add to their ever diverse sound.
Delivering Hard Rock with a strong message in every track. Not Now Norman are Northumberland’s very own rock-powerhouse with singer Taylor-Grace commanding the front, belting her lungs out to the relentless riffs of her father, Zander Brown. Having disabilities since childhood, Taylor-Grace took the decision to turn her pain into power and into music.

Discussing the meaning behind the album, Taylor reveals: “I’ve been told by a few people that I’d never make it in the music industry, that my disabilities would make it impossible. The whole album is my way of proving to the world that they were mistaken. I’ve been put down and bullied by many people in my life and now is the time to prove them all wrong, not just for myself but for other people who find themselves in similar circumstances. Now thanks to music and this album, I’m able to turn my pain into power. I hope that in some way it helps others to do the same.

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