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It’s Okay is Karen Harding’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I’ve been following Karen Harding for a while now and today is back with a new tune.

It’s Okay is Karen Harding’s Single

As soon as I started listening to these beautiful songs included in this double single I was fascinated by the atmosphere created by this music.

Especially the guitar arpeggio that introduces It’s Okay catapulted me into the county of the Hobbits. A beautiful green landscape filled my eyes and I, driving a gypsy caravan, said goodbye to my friends and set off on a new adventure.

Karen Harding’s ability to make listeners dream with her music is truly extraordinary.

I believe that the mix between her voice and the delicate and magical melodies she manages to create is the secret that makes this music so intriguing.

Greener On The Other Side reinforces the emotions created by It’s Okay and makes you want to press the play button to treat yourself again with 5 minutes of magic.

Always a pleasure to listen to the music of this talented artist.

It’s Okay is Karen Harding’s Single Out Now!


It’s Okay is Karen Harding’s Single

Following on from previous single, ‘Strong For You’, Australian Singer-Songwriter, Karen Harding reveals the second half of her musical project with Argentinian P&M Records, with the dual release of ‘It’s Okay’ and ‘Greener On The Other Side’, featuring the Cologne Chamber Orchestra, on Friday 16th December 2022.

Written by Karen Harding and produced by P&M Records, ‘It’s Okay’ tells a story of self-frustration.. of believing that you should be somewhere, someone or somehow different than where you are.. and then allowing yourself to drop it and let go in compassion for yourself, letting yourself know that it is truly ok for things to be exactly as they are.

Co-written with P&M Records and featuring the Cologne Chamber Orchestra, ‘Greener On The Other Side’ was written when considering some big changes. It highlights the fears that come up with the change and questions whether what you imagine on the other side of change is truly the reality of how it is. Is the grass really greener on the other side?

It was such an incredible honour to be able to have the Cologne Chamber Orchestra play on ‘Greener On The Other Side’. It has always been a dream to work with an orchestra, and to work with such a talented and world class orchestra is beyond my dreams” Karen Harding

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