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IV is Viscula’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Viscula in the past but they are out now with a new Album and I want to share my opinion about it.

The incredible sound of Viscula is reconfirmed. These guys can play there is no doubt about it.

The music they offer is always fascinating and intriguing and never predictable and banal.

The compositional and harmonic intuitions are excellent and reveal a great musical preparation. We are faced with professionals who also have the ability to convey emotion.

Often when you are very masters of the technique, interpretation is left aside, but in this case, on the other hand, the Viscula excel both at a technical and interpretative level.

All the songs on this album are to be enjoyed like a glass of good wine in front of the fireplace. Absolutely recommended.

IV is Viscula’s Album Out Now!



Viscula’s instrumental album ‘IV’ is out now. The recording was attended by 4 musicians who played organic parts without any overlays. Only drums, bass, guitar and keyboards. In addition to the band’s members, the album featured legendary Soviet and Russian bassist Alexander Titov, who recorded all of the bass parts. He still continues to play in the most famous Russian rock bands, Kino and Aquarium. The mix and mastering were done by George Shilling, a first-class British sound producer who worked with bands such as Blur and Primal Scream. The artwork for the album ‘IV’ was created by the well-known British collage artist Tom Hodgkinson who created artworks for bands such as Keane and Archive. The album ‘IV’ is released via London Indie label Alien Milk Records

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