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I’ve Got A Secret is Karen Harding’s Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s Featured artist is Karen Harding and her single I’ve Got A Secret.

I have been following the musical path of this artist for some time now and I must say that every time she amazes me.

I’ve Got A Secret is Karen Harding’s Single | Indie Music

The compositional and sincere style of this artist is her hallmark.

The new single I’ve Got A Secret is a nostalgic and mysterious song that seems to hide something as the title says.

Karen Harding has flawlessly managed to create a deep and intimate musical universe that speaks directly to the soul of the listener.

The musical arrangements are cared for with passion in every little nuance and enhance even more the melody of the voice.

Karen Harding is a growing artist who has already found her music and her artistic vision is taking shape every day.

I believe her future will be bright as she is able to convey emotion through her music.

Try the experience and hit the play button.

I’ve Got A Secret is Karen Harding’s Single Out Now!


I’ve Got A Secret is Karen Harding’s Single | Indie Music

Music has always been a part of Karen’s life, beginning piano lessons at the age of 6 and singing lessons at 14. She has played at many cafes and bars around the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, in a combination of solo, duo and band performances, that have contributed to the sound that you hear today.

Building her repertoire, with 6 single releases under her belt, Karen has been steadily growing her following and name, having won the November 2021 Bendigo Bank sponsored Independent Songwriter Talent Show on Radio Eastern FM in Melbourne, Australia, for her single, ‘Anxiety’, Top 10 winner for the World Songwriting Awards, for her single, ‘Something Special’ and a nominee for Best International Artist on Crags Radio Independent Artist Awards in February 2022.

Karen Harding’s music has also had recent attention and plays on Bree Noble’s ‘Women of Substance’ podcast, online radio shows including ‘Good Music Radio’, ‘DTong Radio’, ‘382 Radio’, ‘Eagles Nest Radio’ and ‘Oz Now Radio’ and has been gaining attention through her plays on local Australian community radio.

Find Karen Harding Here:


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