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James Hetfield Struggling Soul

Being a rock star is not an easy job. James Hetfield, the legendary guitarist, and singer of Metallica, knows what we are talking about.

During his exceptional career the artist has repeatedly had problems with depression, alcohol, and drugs.

James Hetfield Struggling Soul

The pressure of always having to create new cool music, and be around the world living in hotels little by little tears your soul apart. Many rock stars have suffered from this disease called “the dark side of celebrity“.

Jhonny Depp once said, “fame doesn’t change people but it reveals them for who they really are“.

If your soul is fragile and you try to wear armor, soon that armor will no longer be enough and you will be left naked in front of the mirror facing your own demons.

Looking at his life from the outside the question that arises is what is James Hetfield missing?

With a Net Worth of $ 300 Million, he lives in Vail Colorado. You can often meet him at the restaurant La Nonna where he hangs out with his wife Francesca Hetfield to eat. He has 3 children and he has composed fantastic songs … what are his problems?

The eternal big boy is 58 years old, 6ft tall (1.86cm) seems to be living a dream but in reality, he is not. Just recently during a show in Brazil, the leader of Metallica got real in front of a full stadium.

“I feel insecure and lonely,” he said, “but then I realized that I am not alone…I have these amazing friends who are always with me”

Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo approached him and hugged him. The strength of Metallica is precisely this deep friendship that has lasted for years.

Many times the members of the Metallica have quarreled with each other but they always managed to come out of the hole together.

The best documentary ever made about them is surely Some Kind of Monster. Directors Joe Berlinger, Bruce Sinofsky managed to highlight the problems of a band under constant pressure.

 Being at the top is scary because you can only fall from there!

We hope that James Hetfield is going to find solace in music once again and may he entertain us with other beautiful songs in the future.

James Hetfield Struggling Soul

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