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Jasmine Girl is Robbie Rapids’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,

Robbie Rapids are entertaining us with a new song.

Jasmine Girl is Robbie Rapids’ Single

This song is very sweet and nostalgic.

Robbie Rapids with this melody managed to put deep emotions into music describing a problematic moment like when two lovers stop being together … maybe they still love each other but things don’t go well anymore.

The thing I liked the most is the chord progression in the chorus as the harmony and the vocal line are able to make you feel the weight of the moment when you feel helpless in the face of a decision that you cannot change.

Accepting reality sometimes becomes really difficult because perhaps for a long time we had deluded ourselves that everything was fine but then we realize that it was just a house of cards.

With this track, Robbie Rapids demonstrate their developed artistic taste and their talent for composing beautiful songs.

Jasmine Girl is Robbie Rapids’ Single Out Now!


Jasmine Girl is Robbie Rapids’ Single

“Jasmine Girl” is a story about breaking up. Two opposite people who both want their own way and fail to compromise. When minor conflicts escalated into big arguments my Jasmine Girl left me and cut me off completely. I didn’t know where she went, if I was blocked or remember anymore if I ever tried to call. I wanted her to come back with apologies. Oh, the stubbornness and drama.

She’d come back to the house in secret when I was at work for a few weeks to do laundry etc. while getting resettled. This song is my perspective and written during this difficult time of my life. The song was never fully finished until the pandemic gave me lots of time to work on original songs and really start digging through old memories.

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