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Jason Voorhees’ Statue Underwater is Terrifying

The statue of Jason Voorhees, the famous murderer of the Friday the 13th saga, was installed at the bottom of a lake in Minnesota by a fan. Minnesota is the perfect region for such a “prank” because it is home to over 10,000 lakes and legend has it that Jason lies right at the bottom of one of them.

Jason Voorhees’ Statue Underwater is Terrifying

Apparently, another fan did the same thing in Lake Pleasant in Peoria, Arizona but there the Statue has already been removed.


Curtis Lahr is a huge fan of the Friday the 13th horror saga and to pay homage to his favorite movie he had the brilliant idea of ​​installing a statue of Jason Voorhees, made by himself, at the bottom of a lake in Minnesota.

The Jason Voorhees Statue Installed By a Fan Underwater Terrifying

We know that the Friday the 13th saga tells the story of a murderer, who died as a child at the bottom of Crystal Lake, who wakes up as an adult and he starts to kill the tourists visiting Crystal Lake’s Camp. At the end of chapter VI of the saga, we remember that Jason was killed and chained to the bottom of Crystal Lake, the original place of his death.

Jason Voorhees’ Statue Underwater is Terrifying

This time, however, it seems that Jason has moved to Crosby, to terrorize the numerous divers who use the lake as a destination for their diving. Bloody Disgusting unearthed a video from 2014 in which the joke was told, and re-released it along with an updated version this year, in which we can see images of the statue that still stands at the bottom of the lake after all these years.

We are sorry for the many divers who, thinking of enjoying an exciting dive, found themselves in front of a life-size statue of one of the most famous serial killers in the history of cinema.

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