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Johnny Depp is not Ozzy Osbourne’s choice to play his biopic

In the last months, the biopic on Ozzy Osbourne is moving forward. On several occasions, Ozzy, his wife Sharon and their children have confirmed the news. The producers are, in fact, two of the couple’s children, their eldest daughter Aimée and the 37-year-old Jack.

Johnny Depp is not Ozzy Osbourne’s choice to play his biopic

The film will mainly focus on the turbulent relationship of Ozzy Osbourne with his wife in the period between 1979 and 1996. Their marriage has many incredible stories. It has been full of successes, betrayals, reconciliations and also dangerous incidents which threatened the career of Ozzy. The screenwriter is Lee Hall. He became famous with the movies “Rocketman” and “Billy Elliot”.

Osbourne has recently released an interview to on-line magazine “Consequence”. He doesn’t want any famous actor (Johnny Depp) playing his role in the biopic.  The part according to Ozzy should be assigned to someone relatively unknown. Ozzy doesn’t care about the way authors will present the story. Bad episodes of his life regarding drugs, alcohol and his relationship with Sharon are parts of the game. The only thing which really matters is that the movie is not cheesy and shitty. It has to conquer the public!!!!

At the moment there are no details about the cast and possible actors involved. Sharon Osbourne previously revealed that the biopic will be very different from the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” about Queen. The film on Ozzy will be much more real!!!!

The biopic is still untitled. Polygram Entertainment, the film and television unit of Universal Music Group is developing it. It will be produced through Osbourne Media.

Johnny Depp is not Ozzy Osbourne’s choice to play his biopic

At the moment the biopic on Ozzy Osbourne presents all the premises to become one of the most rock films ever in the history of cinema.
So stay connected with our blog to know more details. Will it turn out a pearl of rock movies?

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  1. I think no matter who plays Ozzy the important thing is that it will shed a light on addiction and show other addicts that there’s hope I think it’s going to be great

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