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Joker 2 Sequel Confirmed

There is good news for all Joker fans. In fact, Todd Phillips with a photo on Instagram has just revealed the cover of the Joker 2 script.

But it doesn’t stop there, the director also posted a photo of Joaquin Phoenix who reads it. This seems to confirm that there will not be a change of protagonist in the sequel.

Joker 2 Sequel Confirmed

Joaquin Phoenix’s performance was so iconic that it’s hard to think of anyone else who can handle the role.

Joker 2 Sequel Confirmed

Photo Taken From Todd Phillips’ Instagram

The criminal clown is a character born a long time ago. Inspired by the legendary actor Conrad Veidt who in 1928 surpassed himself in the film The Man Who Laughs.  This cult movie was the first brick in the creation of what we all know today as The Joker.

To understand the story of the sequel there is only a clue, in fact, the cover of the script says “JOKER Folie à Deux”. What could be then the plot of the sequel?

Folie à Deux is a mental disorder that can affect two or more people who can also be part of the same family.
Stress and rejection from society are at the root of this disorder.

At this point, it is very likely that there is a person very close to the Joker who will be introduced in the movie. Maybe a brother or a sister?

Just imagine if Joker has a sister who’s even crazier than him … wouldn’t that be great? How about calling her Cornflake?

“Joker and Cornflake vs. Batman” sounds good to me!

We have to see how much the director wants to remain faithful to the original story of course. I personally would love the introduction of new characters so as not to limit the saga always between Joker and Batman.

Obviously, the big studios have done their research to understand what is the evolution of the story that could please the public more.

Joker 2 Sequel Confirmed

Although there was initial skepticism about a possible sequel as Todd Phillips also seemed to be running out of ideas now it seems that inspiration has found him again.

We would certainly be very happy to watch another film about this fantastic character. Edgar Allan Poets in particular as we have a song called Old Black Clow. Maybe it could be a cool soundtrack for the movie…just a friendly suggestion Todd 🙂

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