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Just a Little Bit More Famous is Giack Bazz’s Ep

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature artist is Giack Bazz and his Ep Just a Little Bit More Famous.

Just a Little Bit More Famous is Giack Bazz’s Ep

The alternative rock proposed by this artist shows that we are dealing with an artist with great musical knowledge and with a lot of compositional experience.

The sound is a bit vintage and has influences ranging from rock, folk, and pop. The sound research is very well thought out and the chord progressions and dynamics of these songs are intriguing.

Federico Giacobazzi aka Giack Bazz is a visionary songwriter.

The tracks of the album Just a Little Bit More Famous show his eclecticism and originality. Each tune has a particular mood that creates a unique atmosphere.

The production is impeccable and the performance is passionate and heartfelt.

Giack Bazz is an artist on a mission, his artistic talent leads him to always experiment with innovative solutions. Following this path, he has managed to create a musical universe that lives in a limbo of its own.

Just a Little Bit More Famous is Giack Bazz’s Ep Out Now!


Just a Little Bit More Famous is Giack Bazz’s Ep

Giack Bazz is an indie rock singer-songwriter based in London. Giack takes the listener on a tour inside his mind, criticising society and discussing mental health, from love to loss. His first record Childhood Dream (2016), financed by crowdfunding, paved the road for Giack Bazz Is Not Famous (2018) and Haikufy (2019), a 30-tracks, 20-minutes album that started his personal protest against the unfair paying scheme of streaming platforms. Supporting The Ivors’ Academy and the Musician’s Union campaign #fixstreaming, in 2020 he released the 366-songs album Impression A.I. with his side project The Royalty Instrumentality Project. Giack is now working on his fifth studio album, while his latest album “Just a Little Bit More Famous” is out now.

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