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Justice Now! is Barista’s album

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Artist is Barista and his album Justice Now!

Justice Now! is Barista’s album

This musical project resulting from the artistic vision of Bahadır Han Eryılmaz is very fascinating.

This artist is the main architect who organized this great composition and as a director, he planned the realization of this beautiful album.

Barista sought out the best musicians and thanks to his great compositional skills he managed to create something wonderful.

The thing I liked the most about his style is that he managed to mix rock with melodies typical of his land, creating an absolutely fascinating musical blend.

Justice Now! it’s a coherent album where all the songs are solid and flawlessly performed and recorded.

An album to be listened to several times to understand all its nuances. A nice discovery that I recommend to everyone.

Justice Now! is Barista’s album Out Now!

Solid and Mature!

Justice Now! is Barista’s album

Known by his moniker, Barista, highly innovative Turkish artist Bahadır Han Eryılmaz has announced the release date for his highly anticipated 2022 album “Justice Now” (MTS Records.) Featuring an impressive roster of notable vocalists and musicians, including Simon Phillips, drums (Toto, Judas Priest), Jesse Siebenberg, guitar (Kenny Loggins, Supertramp) and Andrew Freeman, vocals (Great White, Lynch Mob), among others, “Justice Now” is a collaborative effort, featuring “Han’s” melodic songwriting style. By bringing together a diverse team of creative people from different corners of the world, Barista creates a unique musical experience that is unmatched.

Other notable artists on the album include: Reggie Hamilton, bass (Waren Zevon, John Mellencamp); Dave Palmer, keys (Fleetwood Mac); Lenny Castro, percussion (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pat Benatar); Jacob Scesney (Sax) and Phillip Saisse (Keyboard/Xylophone). Additional vocalists include Kyle Tkatch, Mariami, Mike Harding, Rudiger and Scheherazade Stone.

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