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Keep The Wolves Away is ‪THE HYBRIS’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
‪THE HYBRIS are back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

Keep The Wolves Away is ‪THE HYBRIS’ Single

This new song is intense and epic.

As soon as I hit the play button I understood the nostalgic undertones and the great meaning this song carries with it.

The interpretation by all the band members is passionate and energetic. For sure the right intensity to talk about such profound issues. It feels like THE HYBRIS have a message to send to the masses.

It’s not easy to find musical projects that have both music and lyrics of a high standard. Above all, it is difficult to find coherence.

Many artists try to find solutions to reach more audiences and copy other artists. Then there are bands like THE HYBRIS that start from an instinct, from an idea, and try to be noticed for what they are.

Generally, these are the most successful musical projects because they start from a vision and not from commercial rules.

Absolutely confirmed!

Keep The Wolves Away is ‪THE HYBRIS’ Single Out Now!


Keep The Wolves Away is ‪THE HYBRIS’ Single

“Keep The Wolves Away is about the effects of war on its victims in general, one of the most serious political crises of recent decades in particular, and the dangers it poses to the entire planet.”

THE HYBRIS is an international Alternative Rock project of three friends. Originally all members lived in Germany, they know each other for many, many years. In the past they played in various rockbands, before the trio was spread all over the world.

Today they live in Nice, in L.A. and in Cologne, but still – and more than ever – make music. They write and produce everything on their own, in a joint virtual recording studio. Every member plays various instruments and contributes what the current piece of music needs.

And why this name? In greek tragedy ‘Hybris’ stood for exaggerated self-pride, arrogance, excess of ambition causing the transgressor’s ruin. The perfect headline for the age we live in.

Their lyrics often show political attitude – well, rock songs without attitude are crap, right? But why these silly masks? Isn’t this mask thing worn out? THE HYBRIS create their music as Ringo Rabbit, Beanie Bison and Malcolm Mandrill – three wannabe superheroes on a mission to save the world. “We felt like doing something ‘different’. At first it was a stupid idea, but meanwhile we think it is pretty cool”, Ringo says.

Some suspect, they want to make themselves more interesting than they really are. Others believe it is a smart move – since they’re incredibly ugly in real life.

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