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Kicking out Time is Prince of Sweden’s Ep

Good Day Noir Family,
Prince of Sweden is back with a new intriguing Ep.

Kicking out Time is Prince of Sweden’s Ep

The hallmark of this artist’s sound is also reconfirmed in this Ep.

The thing I’ve always liked about Prince of Sweden’s music is the intimacy that it creates.

The delicacy and sophistication of these melodies manage to touch rusty emotions in your soul. His voice, like sandpaper, cleans them and gives to these feelings new life.

Few artists have this power. Prince of Sweden knows how to hit the listener in the right places and his music is like an acupuncture session that reactivates your senses.

All the songs on the EP are solid and closing the album with an instrumental track “Kicking out Time” is a perfect choice. It’s as if the artist wants to give you a moment to reflect and metabolize what you’ve previously heard.

No one can teach to Prince of Sweden how to make songs…he already knows what to do, and he does it wonderfully well.

10 out of 10!

Kicking out Time is Prince of Sweden’s Ep Out Now!

Superb and Intense!

Kicking out Time is Prince of Sweden’s Ep

Having released his debut EP “Live from a dark room” in 2020 and the follow-up single “Garrison Lane” last year, “Kicking out Time” takes the sound of the previous work and fills it out to create his most complete work to date. It’s indie rock with touches of northern soul, woozy singer-songwriter heartbreak, and outlaw country, topped with his signature intricate lyricism.

Prince of Sweden is a singer-songwriter from south London. He grew up in the country and learned guitar from the guy with the farm opposite his house.

Prince of Sweden’s main influences come in the shape of Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen.

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