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Kill The Kid self-titled Ep is Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured band is Kill The Kid and their self-titled Ep.

Kill The Kid self-titled Ep is Out Now

When a band is sincere and direct, you understand it immediately. The sacred fire of rock flows in the blood of these guys… this is real rock/blues.

A sound inspired by the 70s…by the classic rock of legendary bands of the past.

The world needs bands like Kill The Kid because their music is made with real instruments and not by beats and computers.

We are faced with very good musicians, special mention to the guitarist who really impressed me with fantastic solos. His guitar was screaming with pleasure.

Even the singer’s vocal interpretation is excellent with his timbre reaching very high tones.

All the songs on the Self-title Ep are solid and follow a coherent thread. The production is a bit rough but in my opinion, it’s a perfect artistic choice as it makes Kill The Kid’s sound even more real.

I listened to these tracks several times and imagined myself as a renegade running away from the police looking for a better future elsewhere. Kill The Kid’s music makes you feel free. Truly a fantastic journey between rock, blues, and hard rock.

Go and listen to them, it’s worth it!

Kill The Kid self-titled Ep is Out Now!

Pure Rock!

Kill The Kid self-titled Ep is Out Now

Forged in the heat of the 2020 lockdowns, Kill The Kid was formed by singer songwriter Jed Kid and joined by Andy Basiola on guitars.
Having some time on their hands (thanks Covid) the pair buckled down and released Kill The Kid’s debut single “Don’t Follow” and shortly after their self-titled EP – “‘Kill The Kid’ is a fine EP with confident, strident vocals and exemplary guitar playing, five great rockin’ tunes and a sense of fun behind the whole thing…”

Fast forward a few months and Kill The Kid are a full lineup ready to hit the live stage!
With Isaac De Los Rios punching the bass and keys and Rémi Garrier banging the drums.
After a few successful gigs and a sold out show in London, in September 2022 the band released their latest single “Break Before I Bend” – “Excellent riffing rocker from London band with hints of southern and AC/DC style Oz rock in their sound.”

Heavily influenced by bands like ACDC, Aerosmith, Queen, Bon Jovi, Pride and Glory, Soundgarden, Johnny Cash, Hank III, and Flogging Molly … to name a few… Kill The Kid is not your ordinary Southern Rock band!
Guaranteed to kick ass on stage, they are armed to the teeth with a fusion of Southern, Hard Rock, fast paced Country, Punk and Rock n’ Roll backed up by intelligent songwriting, soaring gritty vocals and tasty melodic guitars 🤘🏼⚡

Kill The Kid are now focused on bringing their music to the masses; gigging and releasing new songs aimed at anyone who loves to Rock!

Find Kill The Kid Here:


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