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Good Day Noir Family,

The time has come and our new sigle Lady Storm is finally available on many digital stores. This is a great song with a Floyd vibe.

In this noir ballad Mother Nature is speaking to the humankind…”this is the thunder, this is my voice”, we, as humans, need to be really careful because we are living in a fragile world and so we have to stop to make nature crying…”this is the rain these are my tears”.

Our life is an amazing chance and we should focus on how to increase our connection with nature and not, like we are doing right now, focusing only on the profit and business.

I just watched the documentary “Virunga”, this song would have been perfect for that movie. These big corporations are blind and for their own interests are able to destroy everything, even a gentle habitat where peaceful Gorillas are leaving in peace.

Don’t be deft and blind man, you have only one chance..”butterflies are loosing their wing, sun is covered by blood”.

If you want to know more about the “Virunga Project” click this link: .

Preview the song here:

Lady Storm is available here:



RAVENelly yours

Edgar Allan Poets

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